In Tim’s Words: MX-5 at Sebring

Sebring started off pretty well. We secured front row starting spots for both races in qualifying, and even nabbed pole for race 2. This is a first for me, so that was pretty big and exciting. Unfortunately I raced like garbage and we didn’t get the results we should have. To be very honest, we should have walked away with both races. I set fastest lap of the weekend in race 1, and that was another first. By the end of the weekend, only one person had managed to come in the segment with me, and they were still two tenths of a second behind me.

It was my first time racing up with the lead pack in MX-5, and it is very different than in open wheel. That will take some getting used to, but as long as we maintain our speed I will have many chances to learn this season. I bungled it up in the races at Sebring as I mentioned, eventually wrecking in turn 1 during the second race and dragging a very used up MX-5 across the finish line like 17th or something. I don’t even actually know, I just know it wasn’t good. It was, however, impressive that the car made it to the stripe. It was pretty well destroyed after meeting the outside wall in turn 1 in dramatic fashion, late in the race.

That accident was actually set in motion early in the race. Another driver made contact with my driver door with his passenger side, which knocked my mirror off. It wasn’t a big deal at the time, but many laps later while trying to drive around another driver on the outside of turn 1, putting them on my left side, I couldn’t see if I had them cleared or not because of the missing mirror. So instead of turning in and taking the normal tidy race line I stayed a little wide. And a little wider. And a little wider. Eventually the car came unglued and snapped and I almost saved it, but I couldn’t quite do it.

As they say, “I ran out of talent.”

So all in all, pretty exciting opening round at Sebring for us. I’m looking forward to going and learning NOLA. I am generally bad at tracks I go to for the first time, so I am hoping we can buck that trend as well.

See you in New Orleans.

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