Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaRace 1

We had been fighting understeer all weekend. I qualified 10th and finished 10th. There wasn’t much drama, although at the mid-point, myself and teammate Devin Jones (started 9th) managed to make our way to the middle of the top 10. The cars went away and we fell back by the end, Devin ending up with a 9th and me in 10th, exactly where we started.

Race 2

Car was great! I ran right up to the top 6 or so and was there until a late race restart with a ton of lap traffic handed me some bad luck. I ended up 10th again, but the car was much better than that. Without that restart snafu I think we were a top 5 car. Unfortunately luck wasn’t with us, and I got mired back working my way through traffic when I should have been running down the top 5. It was my own fault as I made a mistake given the situation I was in, but I am pretty happy. We have been a top 5 car all year and have run the fast lap in a few races so far.

The year marches on!

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