NOLA, and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

NOLA, and Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaNOLA was an exciting weekend. We had variable, dynamic weather which is my favorite driving condition. Trying to decide and gamble before a race on whether to wing it on slicks or play it safe on wets is my favorite. I love to roll the dice like that. Big risk big reward is my favorite situation in life.


We had a great car all weekend in New Orleans. Ken Murillo and the Alara guys worked their usual magic. We ran nose to tail from 1st to 7th from the green to the checker. I kept trying to work my way forward, but it was so tight it was very challenging. Either way I ran in the lead pack the entire race, and tried to help my team mates out as much as possible. We had one yellow flag period, and on the restart things got hectic as the second half of the field got a huge run on the lead pack as we stacked up when the green came out. I had some contact with my left rear and a competitor’s right front as the field bunched up and the line to my right pushed over forcing me to move left and into the path of another Alara car that had a huge run. Everything seemed fine though and we finished in the top 7.


Unfortunately that contact came back to haunt me, as about 25 minutes into the race, as the left rear suffered a failure, while again running in the lead pack. The crew managed to fix it in pit lane and I finished the race, although 2 laps down.

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